October 27th School Administrators Association of New York State

November 20-21 New York State Art Teacher Association

November 24th Hartford County Schools, Maryland

December 11th Statewide Webinar for all teachers, Maryland State Dept. of Education

January 29th Cumberland County Schools, Social Studies teachers

January 30th Minooka Schools, Illinois

February 27th Minooka Schools, Illinois

May 9th New Jersey Education Association


December 17-19 Erie 1 BOCES & 0/N BOCES, New York State

January 6 Giles County Schools, Tennessee

January 11 New York State Alliance for Arts Education, SUNY

January 14-15 Erie 2 - Chautauqua-Cattaraugus BOES, New York State

January 17 South Plainfield New Jersey

January 21 Arlington Heights, Illinois

January 24-25 Utah State University

January 29 Richmond, Virginia

January 31 Kansas City, Missouri

February 24th - March 10th Directing a production for the Austin Lyric Opera based on "L'elisir D'Amore"

March 17th Giving a presentation for ASCD's National Conference "Will Creativity Become the New Literacy?"

March 20 & 21st Common Core Workshops for Williamsville Central School District, New York State

March 29th Common Core Workshop for New York State Alliance for Arts Education

April 17th Common Core Workshop for Four Rivers Special Education District, Illinois

April 10th Common Core Workshop for Maryland Department of Education

April 21st All day Common Core workshop in Wappinger Falls, NY

April 23-25 Meeting with schools in Tennessee concerning next year’s pilot programs on the Arts and Common Core

June 10thWorkshop for Southwestern City schools, Ohio

June 21stWorkshop for Kansas City Young Audiences

June 30-July 1st Workshops for administrators and arts specialists in Harrisburg, PA

July 2nd Workshop for educators in New Paltz, NY

July 14th Workshop for Mississippi Whole Schools Initiative Summer Institute

July 24th School Administrators Association of New York State

August 4th Board of Education Allegany County, Maryland

August 20 Baltimore City School's Music Teachrs

August 27th Chicago School for the Performing Arts - All Content Areas

September 3rd Union City Schools, New Jersey

September 16th Duchess County BOCES, New York

September 25th Illinois Association of Administrators of Special Education, Tinley Park

October 14th Duchess County BOCES, New York

Bruce Taylor

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