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On June 2nd., 2010, Common Core State Standards were adopted throughout the country. Since then, education policy-makers have published vast amounts of overly complicated compilations of guidelines, graphs, Venn diagrams, charts, and step by step instructions that have left many front line educators frustrated, angry, overwhelmed and demoralized. This book clarifies and simplifies a common approach to Common Core that demonstrates how the skills inherent in this new paradigm for teaching and learning can contribute to overall student success, not just in academics, but in life as well. In our increasingly complex, conceptual and globalized world a focus on access, delivery, and retention of content is no longer as important as an ability to use the unlimited amount of content that is instantly available literally at one's finger tips through technologies that evolve at a blistering pace. This reality will challenge students' ability to imagine things that do not exist, create products and methods that matter to others, and communicate effectively with people in a variety of cultures and from different backgrounds. The content of this book emerged from dozens of workshops the author has conducted around the country on how to relieve the anxieties that educators presently have regarding the Core. Thousands of evaluations filled out by attendees following these workshops encouraged Mr. Taylor to put some of the basic principles of his approach in the form of a book. Additional motivation was provided by the success of his previous publication, "Common Sense Arts Standards: How the Arts Can Thrive in an Era of Common Core." Within the coming decade, Mr. Taylor predicts that the next iteration of school reform will require that students develop their creativity in order to function in a society of ideas and synthesis. This book, and its companion volume on the Arts, are not only valuable resources for today, but for the future as well. Buy on Amazon

Common Sense Arts Standards

"Common Sense Arts Standards" takes into account the challenging contexts in which the arts are taught in America's schools. This book illustrates the unrecognized and significant contributions the arts can make to overall student achievement in this era of Common Core State Standards which presages a profound shift in this country's paradigm for teaching and learning.

"Common Sense Arts Standards" provide clear methodologies for employing what Bruce calls the "Common Core Habits of Mind" through an arts lens in ways that students can transfer to other domains of learning." Buy on Amazon

The Arts Equation

The Arts Equation, Second Edition is the updated version of the widely read first edition, published in 1999. For anyone concerned about the value and the future of arts education, this book gives you a unique "how-to" resource combined with a passionate defense of the arts' value in our lives. Mr. Taylor's "equation" is the interaction between school systems with artists in theatre, dance, music, and opera. Addressing real life needs of both educational institutions and performing arts organizations, this book offers strategies for: Creating successful arts education programs despite budgetary and other limitations; Helping people from all walks of life become comfortable in the presence of the arts; Solving practical problems related to getting the most value from artistic activity. Most important, Mr. Taylor provides common sense advice on how to use the arts to address Common Core State Standards that have been adopted throughout the country. Inherent is his advice is that students must have the chance to create artistic works as part of their preparation to succeed in an increasingly conceptual, creative, and complex society and 21st century economy. The Arts Equation can be a valuable tool on methods through which this can be achieved. For the educator or university student, this book offers an inside view of how performing arts organizations function. For artists, Mr. Taylor guides them through the ins and outs of how a school system is structured and how they can contribute to its overall mission of preparing kids to become capable adults. Every school, every person responsible for introducing kids to the arts, every parent who wants to get involved, every arts institution that wants to provide effective programming for schools, every college student in an arts administration or arts education degree program, every artist who wishes to foster a love for the arts will find this guide timely, supportive, and invaluable. Buy on Amazon

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Bruce D. Taylor is the author of The Arts Equation (4.50 avg rating, 2 ratings, 0 reviews, published 1999)

Arts education should focus on academics

Arts educators can help develop the habits of mind necessary for students to successfully function in an increasingly arts-infused society and 21st Century economy. We need to recalibrate how we implement arts education and go beyond having students remembering lines, staging, notes, choreography or terminology, and integrate the more important mental constructs into classes to help raise student achievement. Read more

Arts education essential for city's future

In spite of their year-to-year fiscal struggles, CPS and city agencies need to work in concert over the long term, to try new ways in which the arts can contribute to residents’ quality of life and enable their children to accomplish things that matter to others. Read more

The Skills Connection Between the Arts and 21st-Century Learning

Few of us could disagree that today’s students must be taught the necessary skills to function in an increasingly complex, conceptual, and globalized 21st-century society and economy. Students have to acquire so-called “habits of mind” that will enable them to develop the skills of creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving. In addition, they must be able to communicate effectively, collaborate with people different from themselves, exercise initiative, and be self-directed. Read more

Arts Based Common Sense Common Core

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Basic Set of Standards

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Whither the Arts in an Era of Common Core

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Common Sense on Common Core

Bruce Taylor

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