After graduating from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art three decades ago, Bruce went on to do almost every job one can do in the professional theatre. But at each step along the way he shared his expertise with teachers and kids throughout the country. In his books, The Arts Equation, 1st and 2nd editions (available on Amazon.com), he summarizes how to implement every type of arts activity for students; from residencies of all kinds, touring productions, seminars, professional development workshops, lesson plan development to simply putting on productions.

Now he turns his extensive experience, skill, and talents to address the arts' historic opportunity with states' adoption of the Common Core State Standards — a wholesale shift in this nation's paradigm for teaching and learning. In short, Common Core thinking is arts thinking! As an arts education consultant for Atlanta Public Schools and the University of Chicago's Urban Education Institute, Bruce is developing structures and methods that demonstrate how to use the arts to increase overall student achievement as mandated by Common Core. He is soon to publish Common Sense Core Arts Standards that will put his principles into easily digestible form.

As one evaluator for the National Endowment for the Arts who studied Bruce's program Creating Original Opera, a program that was cited in the document Champions of Change, "Mr. Taylor has a singular ability to make the complex comprehensible."
Bruce Taylor

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